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Planning for “What-Ifs”

When you leave your house in the morning, you have an expectation that your commute will be the same as most other days. You might have more or less traffic, or make a stop on your way in to work, but  ... [Read More]

National Walking Day

The American Heart Association created  National Walking Day to remind us that we can live healthier longer lives just by walking a bit more. Walk for at least 30 minutes each day to reduce your risk  ... [Read More]

Get ready for Bike to Work

Spring Bike Week 2014 is approaching, so dust the winter cobwebs off your bike, and get ready for Bike to Work on Thursday, May 8th. Ride your bike to a free breakfast and enjoy the company of other  ... [Read More]

More people are using sustainable transportation

Many reports are coming in that there has been a large leap in people walking, biking, and using public transit. A recent Caltrans survey, as well as a review of public transit reports, indicate that  ... [Read More]

Keeping an eye on the price of fuel

Commute Solutions updates the True Cost of Driving Calculator on the first Tuesday of every month so that the ever-volatile price of fuel remains accurate. This tuesday, the average price of gas in  ... [Read More]