Carpooling is one of the simplest ways to commute. Unlike some other travel options, we don’t need to buy any special gear or new equipment to get started. We just need to connect with family, friends, neighbors, or other commuters who share our travel schedule. The savings start immediately!

Many people find carpool partners through their existing social networks, coworkers and neighbors. For people seeking a carpool partner, Commute Solutions offers a free, instant Carpool Matching system online.

Since we know that the process of starting a carpool can be a bit bewildering, please look over our tips for organizing a successful carpool. Whether you always ride, always drive or take turns, the arrangements are completely up to you.

How about a carrot?

The added benefits of saving money and taking back some of your travel time is a big plus. All you need is another savvy individual who shares your commute schedule.

Cool facts about carpooling

  • If all commuters carpooled with someone else just one day per week, weekday commute traffic would go down by 20%!
  • Simply driving with one other person, can cut your driving costs and carbon emissions in half.

How to get started carpooling

  • Sign up for a matchlist of other commuters looking for carpool partners
  • Search for commuters that match your schedule
  • Review the organizing a successful carpool tips
  • Contact and interview your matches
  • Start carpooling!


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